Introducing Our Management Company

Dear Residents, Your Board of Directors recently elected to make a change in the management of our Association.  We are pleased to introduce Lighthouse Property Management.  They are a local family owned and operated firm based in Sarasota County since 1991.  The combined Lighthouse staff has over 80 years of experience in property management and consists of 170 employees. The … Read More

New Contact Information Form

Hello Mirror Lake owners, In an effort to update the owner roster for the Mirror Lake Condominium Association, we would like to request that you please fill out the following information.  Association mailings will be delivered to your local address, unless you provide a secondary address, and indicate your preference for official mailings. You may return the form to the … Read More

Required: Yearly Smoke Detector Test Report

Please Test All Smoke Detectors! We want to make sure our community is safe from fire. After testing, please fill out Smoke Detector Test Report and return to Mirror Lake Office.

Cedar Hammock Fire Rescue Important Notice!

We as a community have been notified of a new and very important Fire Prevention Code Florida Statute 633: Requires a smoke alarm outside of the sleeping area (bedroom) in each dwelling unit in multi-unit buildings of 3 or more They have added to this: A smoke alarm shall now be installed in each sleeping area (bedroom), of each dwelling … Read More

Spectrum Switched Community to the New Basic Digital Cable Service

Spectrum has switched the community to the new basic digital cable service. Spectrum now includes Wifi and internet with their basic cable service. Each owner gets one “free” digital box per unit. This cable box service is a part of your monthly association dues. Owners need to contact Spectrum and schedule an appointment to swap out boxes. Extra boxes for … Read More